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Early Spring Front Porch

Geez it seems like such a long time since I've done a front porch post! It was so nice to get outside and set up a pretty spot to shoot for you today. It's like 70 degrees here in Missouri... CRAZY!! I remember this time last year I was begging for warmer weather to get outside. I love that it's come early this year but we're gonna have a big problem with bugs this year... Also I'm afraid I'm going to get sick of my spring décor early... So far we're still loving it but I change my mind everyday so we will see how long it lasts...

I decided I would bring the outdoors in until I can get some outdoor pillows for out here. I'm loving the soft floral pattern of these so I will try to find something similar to keep out here. I have some live plants inside but I thought I'd just stick to the faux florals out here today. I'll do a summer front porch will all my pretty real flowers (before they die) later on.

Did you see that adorable pink pig up there??? He's one of my favorite things lately. My father in law makes them and I almost lost it when he showed me the first one. He's made several and he can also cut the top out to make a planter! I got one of those for my mom for her birthday this month (shhhh don't tell her). All the colors are already on the propane tanks that he makes them out of. He's had some custom color orders come in so he can make them any color. I've also done some calligraphy on a couple for him. They're adorable! GETCHA one!! Comment or message me on my Facebook or Instagram if you're interested and I'll hook you up!

That copper pitcher is the cutest thing ever. I made a new sweet friend in Instagram. She goes thrifting everyday (yes I said everyday. I'm so jealous) and she picked this up and said she didn't really want it. I said GIIIIIRL I"LL TAKE IT!! So she sent it my way. Such a sweetie! If you're on Instagram go give her a follow @emilyeveryday. The little cups, straws, and succulent are all from Target. The floral towel and blue floral pillows are from TjMaxx. I made the pink floral pillow out of a curtain from Target and everything else is thrifted.

Everything on here has pretty much stayed the same form my Fall Front Porch post HERE except for the little accessories. I wanted to do something a little different because I feel like I'm always just posting my living room and kitchen but no fear!!! I'm re doing two rooms in my home soon and I'll have lots more to show you lovely people.

My porch will pretty much stay this way all summer when I get new pillows and some real flowers. I'll update you as those things happen. I love decorating out here now that I have a porch swing. Also it's what everyone seems from the road so I try to make it not a complete eye sore, unlike my back deck which is on my list of things to update this year. Maybe you'll actually see my deck on here this year! YAY 2017!!

I hope you enjoyed this little post on my early spring front porch and got some inspiration for your own outdoor spaces! I love bringing the indoors out to make a cozy space outside in the warmer weather. Let me know what you think and thank you so much for stopping by to see what I'm up to! I'm off to spend some time outside!
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